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About Marianne

With a background in Interior Architecture and Furniture Design, Marianne has worked extensively in color design in interior architecture,  architecture, and products for nearly a decade.

She boasts an impressive portfolio with over twelve years of studies in interior and design, holding a BA from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts and an MA from Haute école d’art et de design, Geneva, Switzerland.

Marianne served as an interior architect and color designer at Norway's first color studio (Koi Color Studio) for years, before starting her own company in 2024. Her work has contributed to setting the standard in the color industry nationwide.

She has an extensive list of highly satisfied private clients who report an increased quality of life through the incorporation of new colors in their homes.

Among her more prominent clients are industry leaders such as Sigdal, Obos, Asak, Pure & Original, and StorOslo Eiendom, to name a few.

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